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The heart of your HR

The secret to business success? It’s an inside job.

Afterall, your people are your greatest asset. So, your business needs to be built around enabling them to do the best work they can.

IRIS HR Professional helps you get there by providing all the tools you need to help your people thrive.

Take a look at how our software will transform the way your work works…

Key Features


Most business spend too much time on repetitive, manual tasks, instead of focusing on the work that matters most. IRIS HR Professional changes that.

Features like Workflow, Quick Queries, employee self-service and more help you to automate mundane tasks, so you and your employees can focus on the work that drives your business forward.


In a world where cyber criminals are rife and legislation changes are rapid, keeping your business data safe and sound is a full-time job. IRIS HR Professional changes that.

Built around security and compliance, IRIS HR Professional helps you to protect your employee data with tools including single sign on, secure data storage and data destruction.


A slow and unenthusiastic workforce, putting in minimal effort and creating a culture of negativity – all clear signs of an unengaged team. IRIS HR Professional changes that.

You’ve heard the saying ‘happy employees make happy customers’? Cheesy but true – and by making it quicker and easier to book time off, record absence, log expenses, and much more, you’ll simply make your employees’ work-life better.


Do you waste time trying to find information in multiple locations? Logging onto different systems built for different specialisms? IRIS HR Professional changes that.

Our controlled integration means that your specialist systems work with each other – and not against you.