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HR Management Software for SMEs

Specifically developed for SMEs, IRIS HR Professional is designed to make your HR activity more efficient. Our scalable cloud HR software enables you to carry out tasks wherever, whenever and can grow with you as your business grows.

By automating processes and providing one central place for all your people data, your businesses HR activity is streamlined – ultimately saving you time and money. Built around legislative compliance, data security, and efficiency, IRIS HR Professional also helps to safeguard your business by reducing risk.


Manage and store employee payment information with the payroll module. This simple yet powerful tool can record payments and deductions, loans, and any attachments of earnings, as well as allowing employees to access their payslips at any time. The information held within this module can then be exported into your payroll system for processing. Further services are available within the IRIS Payroll product suite, including the ability to run your payroll as an outsourced solution through IRIS.

Key Features


The Training module can improve the management of your training programmes, as it fully integrates with the rest of your IRIS HR Professional system. When employees are assigned onto a course, the system can be configured to inform them of where and when the training will take place, as well as supplying any documents that need to be completed before the training.


Configurable expense codes and automatic exchange rate conversions mean employees can quickly and accurately record and submit their expenses for approval by the appropriate person. Employees can access the system at any time, so they can submit their expenses from home or on the go.


Recording and submitting working hours has never been simpler than with the Timesheets module. Your employees can use the module to record the hours they have worked, including any overtime, and then submit it for approval by their manager. Once approved, it can be sent to payroll to be processed.


Manage your entire recruitment process with the Recruitment module, which makes advertising and filling vacancies easy and cost effective. As it’s fully integrated within the rest of the IRIS HR Professional system, the details of the successful candidate are then automatically updated in the HR system.