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Over the last few months, we’ve been forced to completely reimagine what work-life can be.

Now, as our attention turns to how our businesses can be ready to move forward out of the crisis and into the ‘next normal’, IRIS HR Professional is here to help.

Our HR systems enable your critical business activity, such as payroll, to continue unaffected. We can empower your team to continue to work from home effectively, return to a COVID-secure workplace seamlessly, or even combine a mixture of the two. Our handy communication tools help to keep your people fully informed and up to date. 

So, as your business adapts to the next normal, we’re sharing a wide range of free resources to help. Take a look.


Join our webinar as we discuss the ways that offices will need to adapt to comply with social distancing advice; from understanding employee concerns to changing work spaces and patterns. Our webinar can help.


Our second webinar will discuss how to support employees work from home on a more permanent basis and ensure that they are properly supported to do so, from ensuring effective communication with team members to enabling HSE. Our webinar reveals all!

How HR software can help with returning to offices,
or support long-term WFH

From keeping remote workers engaged, managing equipment and holidays, to ensuring the office staffing levels are kept low enough to enable social distancing, there’s a lot that HR software can enable. We’ve made a short video showing some of the highlights.


Six steps to enabling successful home working

With home working top of the agenda, our guide will help you navigate this territory – including both the practical aspects and also the health implications you’ll need to consider.


Navigating the next normal? It’s all about balance…

The ways we live and work have shifted so we explore the 3 areas that a business needs to balance to be a success.

Have you got your plans in place?


Here to Help: Becoming COVID-secure – what does this mean for SMEs?

The government has provided a list of guidelines to help companies make sure their workplaces are safe for employees to return to. They’re calling this being ‘COVID-secure’. Read the The Government’s guidelines here.

Power to the people: will your employees be deciding the future of work?

So, as they look to the ‘next normal’, businesses are facing a big question – now that we know we can enable our employees to work from home, will we need a traditional office space in our future plan?


Work-life – but not as we know it…

View our checklist to find out what your business should be considering as we start moving our workplaces towards being COVID-secure.


Is your business ready for long-term home working?

With discussions around working from home becoming an employee right, download our checklist to review the challenges your business may need to overcome to support a longer term home working strategy.

How HR software can help with returning to offices, or support long-term WFH

  • Manage staffing levels
  • Easy absence management
  • Manage remote workers
  • Monitor home-workers equipment requirements