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Making HR simpler

Picture a workplace where people are thriving, liberated from unnecessary admin. A place where your people are empowered to use their time, talent and energy to the max.

IRIS HR Professional makes that vision a reality.

We enable you to build an error free, consistent approach to HR management, with people data and documents all stored in one secure place.

Remove those manual jobs you hate, reduce risks and get in complete control. Get peace of mind knowing that your employee data is safe and that you are keeping costs to a minimum.

With simple reporting, absence management, recruitment support, and much more, IRIS HR Professional offers all the tools you need to support your employees right now. With the extra modules, features and add-ons it also has the capabilities to grow as your business grows further engaging your teams at every stage of their careers.

We help your people focus on the job they love, enabling you to look forward to continued success.

HR Management

HR Management

Your people are your biggest asset. So, your business needs to be built around enabling them to do the best job they can. And that’s where our HR Management software can help.

By automating processes and providing one central place for all your people data, your business’s HR activity is streamlined – ultimately saving you time and money.

All included:
self-service – empower your employees to manage their own personal data
people management – efficiently manage absence, personal records and more
reporting – make your people data clear and simple to use

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Increasing efficiency

Increasing efficiency

A standard feature within your system, our Workflow functionality enables you to automate day-to-day tasks not only for your HR team but for your employees too.

With this you can:
streamline processes – through tasks and automated reminders
manage absences – sickness, holidays, parental leave and more
onboard and offboard – including new starter checklists and exit interviews

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Paying your people

Paying your people

Including managing expenses and time logs, you can link IRIS HR Professional with IRIS’ payroll solutions.

Features of the software include:
easy-to-use reporting – analyse key data metrics and demographics
instant access – employees can access their payslips and payment history whenever and wherever
secure online area – all key payroll information on pensions, salary and loan repayments is safely stored in one place

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Inspiring growth

Inspiring growth

Finding and developing your top talent is simple with our Recruitment and Performance Management modules. From advertising and filling vacancies, to setting objectives and running exit interviews, your employee lifecycle strategy runs seamlessly.

With our recruitment software you can:
recruit – manage the full recruitment process from vacancy to hiring
develop – set objectives and tailored development plans to help your employees reach their potential
evaluate – encourage a culture of continuous development, either more formally through an appraisal process or by simply keeping track of feedback, achievements and goals

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Key Features

Any time, any place, any device

Whether you’re working at midday or midnight, our cloud-based HR software enables you to respond to your people around the clock.

Safe and sound

Built around security and compliance, IRIS HR Professional provides peace of mind that your employee data is protected.

Ready when you are

Adapting to your business needs, our HR software is modular and scalable. So whether your business is just beginning, or growing at speed, your people processes are covered.



  • How can IRIS HR Professional support remote working?

    IRIS HR Professional is cloud based, which means you and your employees have instant access, no matter which location you’re all working from. This enables vital tasks to be completed from any location (such as processing payroll) and gives your employees access to important information (such as their employee details and payslips).

  • Can IRIS HR Professional support business continuity planning?

    Yes – for example, you can use IRIS HR Professional to record the location of your teams and the assets they need to work remotely, such as laptops and mobile phones. You can also set up automatic workflows to help plan business continuity procedures. In addition, we can offer extra support through our managed payroll service, and our payroll backup service, which enables your teams to be paid reliably – no matter what happens.  

  • How do I know IRIS HR Professional is right for me?

    To see how IRIS HR Professional can work for you, request a demo.

  • Can my employees use IRIS HR Professional on a mobile device?

    Yes, you and your team can use IRIS HR Professional on the move through our Android and IOS apps. Perfect for people who may not be office-based, such as construction workers, security guards, and field sales, to name just a few.

  • Is the IRIS HR Professional platform secure?

    Yes, IRIS HR Professional is built with data security at its core. We use the latest in encryption technologies and verification methods to keep your data safe.

  • How do I add modules?

    Our software is modular and scalable so it can adapt to your changing business needs. Simply contact your account manager to add additional modules as and when your needs change. 

  • Who do I contact with questions about IRIS HR Professional?

    Our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you have about IRIS HR Professional. Call 0344 815 5554 today.

  • Can I try before I buy?

    Sure – to see how IRIS HR Professional can work for you, take a free trial or call our team on 0344 815 5554.